Nepal Environment Week 2018

Programs: May 30 – June 05, 2018

Content of the Week-long Program

Nepal Environment Week 2018 Program Details


Nepal Environment Week:
World Environment Day (WED) occurs on June 5 every year, and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. WED has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually.

Different science and environmental organizations mark this date with various environmental activities throughout the world.

In Nepal also various organizations celebrate June 5 with various activities every year and the ministry supports those activities directly or indirectly.

STEM Foundation Nepal has marked this year’s World Environment Day as one of the high value events and targeted to celebrate not just a day but the whole week with various activities from raising awareness to innovate the solution for our local problems on environmental issues. Ministry of Forest & Environment, Department of Environment has initiated “Swochchha Batabaran MahaAbhiyan, 2075” and partnered with STEM Foundation Nepal on Nepal Environment Week 2018 as a component of the whole idea.

Theme of the Competition: Solution to Pollution

Competition Description:

What are the Categories for competition?

  1. Greennovation Challenge

This is a competition focused on fostering the creativity and innovative ideas of the high school to the university level students on solving the local environmental problems by plastic and other stuffs. Students form Engineering, Environmental Science, Biology, Biotechnology and Management streams etc. will be forming a team and working on finding the practical solution for our local problems, which can be marketed afterwards.

 2. Green Angel’s Diary

 It’s a month long diary writing competition for the school students on their daily habits that conserve or pollute the environment.

  1. Painting Competition

It’s the painting and drawing competition between the school students. Finalists will be getting mentorship workshop and will be competing in the finals.

  1. Poem Competition

Poem competition will be held on the WED theme. Finalists will be getting mentorship/ workshop and will be competing in the finals.

  1. “Valley of Writers”article writing Competition

Essay writing competition will be held on WED theme. Finalists will be getting mentorship/workshop and will be competing in the finals.

  1. Debate/Speech Competition

Oratory competition will be held on WED theme. Finalists will be getting mentorship/workshop and will be competing in the finals.

  1. “Sundar Sahar” Drama Competition

Drama Stage performance competition will be held on WED theme. Finalists will be getting mentorship workshop and will be competing in the finals.  

Other Highlighted Events:
Green Concert
Green Concert will be organized at Tundikhel ground in the presence of more than 25,000 public including the participants of the week-long other competitive events. The concert is free of cost and is open to all public with special pass.

KUTUMBA band is the official brand ambassador for Nepal Environment Week 2018. 

Green Summit
Green Summit is a conference to be held before the closing ceremony of Nepal Environment Week (NEW). 200 finalists from the various events of NEW as well as environmentalists, professors, academicians, policymakers, government officers and reporters will attend this summit, where they will discuss on the ways to beat plastic pollution. 

Grand Award Ceremony and Closing
Grand Award Distribution Ceremony will be followed by the GREEN Summit 2018 at City Hall (Rastriya Sabha Griha), Brikuti Mandap in a big gathering of around 600 people from Green Summit and the honorable Minister of  Forestry and Environment will be handing over the awards to the winners. Individual awards and Rolling Trophy will be hand over to the winners.

A book will be published including the creations of the finalists and some experts after the event.

Who Can Participate:

Junior Level: Grade 8 to Grade 12 students

Senior Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s students

What is the registration fees?

Normal Registration Fee: NRs. 200/- per participant per category

Advance Registration Fee: NRs. 500/- per participant per category (includes green T-Shirt, Diary, Pen)

How can I pay my registration fees?

Participants can pay the registration fees to the school/college and the organizer will collect the fees from school/college or can directly deposit to the bank account of STEM Foundation Nepal (Contact STEM office).
Account Details:
A/C Name: STEM Foundation Nepal
Bank: NIC ASIA Bank, Head Office
A/C No: 5441050585152401

A/C Name: STEM Foundation Nepal
Bank: Nepal SBI Bank, New Baneshwor Branch
A/C No: 20325240200571
Note:Please email scanned copy of deposit/payment voucher on our mail address
How can I register to the event?

Please visit our official website and apply online. You must register your information online before submitting your creation. SAVE PAPER- SAVE WORLD

When can I submit my creation?

Registration opens on May 1 and the submission deadline is extended till May 28, 2018.

Where can I submit my creation?

Online: or STEM Foundation Nepal office or Partner Institutions.

What is the copyright issue of the submissions?

The applicant will be responsible for copyright issues. Creation should be original by the creator.

Can a person make submission under all categories?

Yes. But need to pay registration fees per submission.

Who can get certificate?

All the participants get the certificate of participation and the winners will get the certificate of achievement

 How is the winner selected?

Winners of the competition will be selected through and independent team of expert on the relevant field.

Who is finalists and the winners?

20-40 Finalists will be selected from the submission depending on the categories and will be invited for the final presentation in front of the Jury in the Nepal Environment Week 2018

What is the award for the winner?

Winners will be awarded with the Cash Prizes, Trophies, Medals, Certificates and gift hampers from the sponsors. Also the winners’ creations will be published on the NEW 2018 book publication after the event

Where can I contact for any queries or confusion or more information?

Can be contacted to via email or 01-478 3052 via phone.



STEM Foundation Nepal

43 Tri-Ratna Marg, Buddhanagar,

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No.: +977 1 478 3052


Notice: Once you apply for any event, You will be liable to the Rules and Regulations of Event and STEM Foundation Nepal.