GENIUS Olympiad

GENIUS Olympiad is an international high school project competition about environmental issues. It is founded and organized by the Terra Science and Education and hosted by the State University of New York at Oswego. GENIUS Olympiad will host projects in five general disciplines with an environmental focus.

Genius Olympiad is the global competition of the brilliant high school students from all over the globe in Science Projects, Robotics, Visual Arts, Music and Literature. The event is hosted by State University of New York, SUNY Oswego and managed by Terra Science and Education Foundation. The event is hosted in New York City in every June for a week.

STEM Foundation Nepal is the official national organization affiliated to Genius Olympiad representing Nepal.

STEM Foundation Nepal prepares students two teams in each of Science and Robotics categories with the most brilliant ideas from Nepal.

Rules and Regulations for Science

  1. Genius Science Olympiad Nepal is open to all Nepalese students studying in grade 8 through grade 12 or equivalent.
  2. One school can send maximum 3 teams. Minimum age required is 12 and maximum is 20.
  3. Students are expected to present a solution using scientific method for a problem which fits in one of the following categories: Environmental Quality; Ecology & Biodiversity; Resource and Energy; Human Ecology; Innovation
  4. A project can be prepared and submitted by up to two students.
  5. A full project description paper (research paper) must be submitted.
  6. The project description paper must include: title, student names, school, city, abstract, introduction, goal of the project, methods and experiments, results and discussions, conclusion, and references. Acceptable file formats are doc and docx or PDF not exceeding 5 MB in file size. Recommended page limit is 15, with acceptable font sizes 11 or 12 for any font type and page margins one inch or more from each side.
  7. File names must be in English characters.
  8. A valid application must be submitted via email or hard copy at STEM Foundation Nepal o E-mail:
  9. Top 25 finalist teams will be getting opportunity for oral presentation in the final event and the 2 winning teams will be competing in Genius Olympiad, New York, USA.

Rules and Regulations for Robotics

  1. Since, robotics needs intensive training, students’ interest is a must.
  2. Minimum age required is 12 and maximum is 20. Maximum team member-5 per team
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