Message from the Founder Chairperson

Vision 2050 and Beyond
The world of science has made tremendous changes in the modern world to make things easier for the humankind;
whether it be communication, transportation or it be exploration of human thought. Virtual world, rocket travel, maglev super-train, green energy, paperless practice through digital revolution, AR, VR, ML, AI, RL, Robotics,
Automation and all the scientific innovations are the modern world revolution that shape the future of this universe. The human interest and exploration to exo-planet have become a serious quest for the future.
On the other hand, making science accessible to everyone is a tough job. When science and technology is not accessible to the public the chances of poor governance and corruption is higher resulting a failure state leaving no brighter sight to a coming generation. And this is a fate of the third world developing and under-developed countries.
It’s our challenge to change the mere fact that the majority of the private school graduates are heading towards Australia, Europe, America for higher education and opportunity; and the majority of public-school graduates and drop-outs are heading towards the gulf just for making a living. More than 50% of our Nepalese youths are out of country in search of education, opportunity or job.
We have witnessed countries competing for colonizing space, they have already sky rocketed on modern world development but we have to start from the beginning and the time is now.
STEM Foundation Nepal is an initiative to build a solid foundation for the future Nepal by empowering a generation with STEM education, inspiration, innovation and outreach. Vision 2050, a vision for the next 30 years to build this country is the guiding principle of our organization.
We have simple strategy; we ask deep questions and the results will follow.
– What is the STEM impact area? This is the reason why we consistently worked for policy advocacy for policy intervention because it is for all the children in Nepal, it’s all about future generation.
– Who is funding STEM project? It’s not just a community but a national development project. So diverse stakeholders, local to central government; private organizations, INGOs and foreign donors, can fund this project.
– How STEM project in Nepal is going to be sustainable? The STEM Ecosystem, we developed is the stakeholder sustainability model to speed up our project in long run with visible impact year after year not just for the next 30 years but for the unlimited future.
Since we have the highest percentage of young people in our country, we are the youngest country to develop and it takes decades if we plan well ahead. Investing in the younger generation is the best gift for any country and community for the future of this whole world and humanity.
I have travelled to dozens of developed countries and met hundreds of educators and innovators; I am delighted to have their positive feedback on our STEM initiatives in Nepal; they are eager and excited to support our mission in Nepal.
I feel, it’s my responsibility to work with the younger generation to create a visible change in the next 30 years and I have seen the same feelings with you as well. I have seen significant numbers of innovators and entrepreneurs working on the same feeling. I recognize your dedication and highly appreciate for your initiatives, support, contributions and donations.
Finally, this journey is never possible without you. So, I highly urge you to join the movement in any form; whether it is be student, ambassador, volunteer, partner, donor, sponsor, advisor or well-wisher.
Together we can envision a significant change in the faces of people by the next 30 years; count-down has already been kick-started.
Anticipating to team-up with sooner,