International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)

The International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) is an annual earth Science competition for secondary school students. The IESO has been founded as one of the major activities the International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO), and countries worldwide with a strong emphasis on earth science in their national curricula have supported the competition. Students who are winners of the respective national competition are invited and participated in the IESO 2022.


  1. To acquire basic knowledge about the physical systems of Earth in composition, structure and the active processes inside them.
  2. To recognize and understand the reciprocal relations of the transfer of energy and matter in and between the Earth systems including the Biosphere
  3. To acquire basic scientific research skills of making an observation and the ability to discern between an observation, a conclusion and an assumption.
  4. To develop thinking aspects which are unique to Earth science: Thinking in a geological time dimension (Deep Time), spatial thinking and three-dimensional thinking?
  5. To develop the skills which are needed in order to develop an environmental insight: Cyclic thinking and System thinking.
  6. To understand the place of the human system as part of the Earth systems.
  7. To use Earth science as a tool to illustrate chemical, physical and biological principles.
  8. To cultivate the connection with the natural scenery while understanding the uniqueness of Earth.

Eligibility Criteria’s

  1. The student must be Nepali citizen. The applicant should be SEE attempted while participating in NESO.
  2. The students must secondary or high school students.
  3. The participating student shall ensure that the eligibility criteria are strictly followed. If it is found subsequently that a student does not meet the eligibility criteria or has willfully provided misinformation, he/she shall be disqualified from the program.
  4. The date for the Entrance Test, enrollment procedure and related matters will be announced. The list of test centers will be on the website and social media platform.
  5. The top 30 students will be chosen for the Training. The selected students will be intimated by email or call. The NESO will not be responsible for delays due to incomplete/illegible/incorrect address/email address provided by students.
  6. The results of all the participants will be published on the website
    and only 4 winners will be participated for the final IESO 2022.
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