STEM Ecosystem

The STEM Ecosystem, we developed is the sustainability model to speed up our project in long run with visible impact year after year not just for the next 30 years but for the unlimited future.
The STEM Ecosystem we developed contains the following headings:
  1. STEM Labs in the Classroom: STEM Labs equips the class with necessary tools that helps students and teachers to develop exciting STEM projects.
  2. STEM Clubs: There needs someone to make the things happening and it’s none other than our young genius, students. Students clubs are vital to keep the STEM Lab lively, otherwise the labs will be the home for the bugs and dust.
  3. STEM Training: Kick start training to handle the tools and build some projects are necessary and the Engineering graduates or current students with the exposure to numbers of Engineering projects, STEM activities, Robotics & Automation, are the best resources for training the students as well as teachers in the classroom. We are inviting our global STEM graduates and professionals to contribute as a STEM Mentors.
  4. STEM Challenge: Once students have their innovative project ready, its really necessary to take them to an expo or competition and here we designed STEM Challenge in collaboration with numbers of International and National organizations.
  5. International Olympiads/STEM Outreach: Our students deserve to compete globally at the same time collaborating and making young dynamic friends from around the globe, the International Olympiads forum is running for the last 6 decades for the same. We take the most talented students to the numbers of International Olympiads and also to other STEM Outreach program throughout the globe.
  6. STEM Educators’ Network: Teachers are really need to be informed and empowered with the latest technology and innovation to teach the high-tech generation of young children, which is possible through the global network of STEM Educators.
  7. Global Partner School: Global Partner Schools help each other to learn and exchange the idea on latest and future technologies.
  8. STEM Awards: This is the encouraging and rewarding ceremony for the identified innovators, youths, teachers, policymakers and more.
  9. STEM Journal: STEM Journal is the platform to publish the latest local to global works and innovation that inspire our community.
  10. Collaboration: Collaboration is the most important factor in STEM Ecosystem, so we have partnered with the Government, Universities, Engineering Colleges’ Associations, Local to Global Partners and we would like to request you to be a partner in this journey.