STEM Foundation Nepal

STEM Foundation Nepal is an innovation driven not for Profit Company, an organization that connects STEM leaders with the STEM Educators and STEM aspirants. It encourages the young genius minds for STEM learning for creating the foundation of future developed Nepal.

STEM Foundation Nepal is connecting with the global STEM based organization to extract the best possible support for developing the future of Nepal through STEM education, initiatives and innovation. We help younger generation to strengthen their Dreams and Aspiration by inspiring them towards Innovation.


We empower youth with local
and global exposure to STEM
education, innovation and
initiatives from early life to
graduation, fostering creativity
and curiosity. Engagement
builds skills and confidence in
youth so that they can in turn
help build a STEM-driven,
future-oriented Nepal.


Our primary mission is to make
science equitably accessible for
children across Nepal. We foster
creativity, innovation and
entrepreneurship in youth by
engaging them in meaningful STEM
programs that also develops critical
skills. The overall mission is prepare
youth for future work and
citizenship demands in a rapidly
changing world.