International Olympiads

International Olympiads

The International Olympiads are the global competition, the Olympics of the high school Scientific Minds from all over the world. The International Olympiads are hosted annually for every science subjects and maths in various different countries.

All the International Olympiads are governed by the specified International Committee members, lead by Steering Committee and hosted by the different member countries in every different years for all specified Olympiads.

Aims of International Olympiads

  • To promote and reward the pursuit of excellence in science and innovation
  • To challenge, stimulate and encourage the gifted students to further develop their talents
  • To create friendship and relationships among students around the world from an early age

Goals and Objectives of International Olympiads

  •  To stimulate the active interest of students in Natural Science and Innovation
  • To promote their careers as scientists and innovators
  • To enhance and develop international contacts in scientific community
  • To promote future scientific collaboration
  • To encourage the formation of friendships within the scientific community
  • To offer the opportunity to compare the syllabi and educational trends in science education within the participating countries

National Olympiads in Nepal

National Olympiad is the mandatory prerequisite for all of the International Olympiads. STEM Foundation Nepal is the National Olympiad host for all of the International Olympiad recorded in this website in partnerships with other like-missioned organizations. Other few National Olympiads are hosted by the organizations which are not associated with STEM Foundation Nepal.