Nepal Junior Math Olympiad (NJMO)

Nepal Junior Maths Olympiad is a national talent hunt event of the young mathematicians aged 16 or below, who are studying in the secondary school till grade 11. Any Nepali students from all parts of the country can participate in this national screening event. The winners from various levels, starting from district level olympiad, upgrade to next level and the top 6 finalists participate in the global competition, IJMO in the following year.

Nepal Junior Maths Olympiads will be organized CLASS-WISE from grade 5 onwards.

Nepal Junior Maths Olympiad 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic effect the first level Nepal Junior Maths Olympiad 2020 is going to be hosted online for a single time. District level olympiads are cancelled for 2020.  Various level of trainings and competitions will be held online this year except the practical exams.

NJMO is organized in following various steps (REGULAR):

  1. District Level Olympiad
  2. Provincial Level Olympiad
  3. National Level Olympiad
  4. Interview
  5. Selection of the 6 finalists who will get opportunity to represent Nepal in the prestigious IJMO forum

NJMO 2020 will be organized in following various steps (2020 SPECIAL):

  1. Registration
  2. Olympiad Excellence Program (closed ZOOM session for 10 days, 1hr/Day)
  3. NJMO 2020 Level – I
  4. Olympiad Excellence Program- Advanced
  5. NJMO 2020 Level- II, III and Finals
  6. NJMO 2020 Award Ceremony


Most of the questions for the screening level competition is based on the high school level science, maths books till grade 10 based on Nepalese curriculum; and also will be added some questions from the IJMO syllabus. Full syllabus will be provided to the participants after registration is made. All higher levels questions will be based on IJMO Syllabus, strictly following the regulations made by IJMO steering committee. The selected national finalists students will be fully trained for the international finals both on theories and practicals and also will get opportunity for the international pre-olympiad contest.

Sample questions can be found on the IJMO website.


The guidelines on the participation in the International Junior Maths Olympiad are set to ensure a fair and enjoyable competition. All contenders in the International Junior Maths Olympiad shall swear an oath at the beginning of the competition to answer all the competition questions in the most responsible way and to compete with due honesty and fair spirit. The set of rules and guidelines listed here applies to all participants.

    1. Nepal Junior Maths Olympiads will be organized CLASS-WISE from grade 5 onwards.
    2. A student is eligible to represent his/her country if he/she holds a valid passport of that country for at least one academic year.
    3. Participants must agree with and accept the conditions as stated in the statutes from IJSO.
    4. A standard team shall consist of six students and two leaders. In the event a standard team cannot be fulfilled, a minimum team of three students and one leader is allowed to participate in IJMO. Team consisting of less than three members shall NOT qualify or be entitled to receive the awards.
    5. Participants are NOT allowed to use their own collection of formulae.
    6. Participants will be responsible for the all travel costs during the IJMO finals; organizer will approach and help students to approach to the sponsors.
    7. Registration fees for the basic level; NJMO 2020 Level -I is NRs. 500/- and the registration is valid only after the payment is made. All the participants will be getting the certificate of participation.
    8. 150 students will be awarded for level -II and they will be getting the certificate from the South Asian Science & Maths Olympiad (SASMO), Singapore. Registration fees for the Level -II is NRs. 1,000/-
    9. Parents can accompany the international finalists and need to bear the registration fees assigned by the international olympiad host.
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