STEM Academy



We have targeted to prepare 1000 Engineers and Engineering graduates as a STEM trainers who teach STEM in the classroom. Our partnership with the Association of Engineering College of Nepal (AECON) helps us to find the best candidates for the mission.

After School Program

After school program helps students to learn extra skills in the field of latest technology, STEM skills that is compulsory as a 21st century workforce. The following programs are launched by our team that is currently in operation. Please contact us to know more and join the program. These programs are for the students of different grades and age groups.
    • Robotic and Automation: 3 Levels; Basic, Mediocre and Advanced
    • Coding for Kids: Level 1, 2 & 3
    • Abacus: Level 1, 2 & 3

STEM Educators’ Training Program

            We provide the hands-on, activities-based STEM Training for the primary to secondary teachers to encourage STEM activities in the regular course works. It helps students to learn some exciting and surprising learning from their own classroom teachers.

Olympiad Excellence Program

            Olympiad Excellence Program is the program designed for the dreamer high school students who really want to create a bigger change in their lives through an International Olympiads journey. The International Olympiads are really tough but we definitely can do better with our talents, commitments, hard work and smart coaching. Olympiad Excellence Program (OEP) is available for the students who are in grade 6 or above.

STEM Fairs and Challenges (Science Fair and Competitions)

            We host various STEM events and activities at the same time help you to host a better Science fairs, competitions, parents’ days, annual days or any events with more fun-filled and public-engaging STEM activities. 

Educational Robot Exhibitions

            We help you not only to build robots but also to exhibit the robots made by your students in your schools, community or elsewhere. We also organize a regular Robot tour to various cities.